Donna Carmichael

Are you looking for a high energy speaker who leverages her expertise in behavior change to both inspire and motivate audiences to take action to achieve their goals?


Donna will prepare a customized, interactive and engaging message that will be filled with relatable stories, fun exercises and information that works.







We offer customized health and wellness programs through presentations, workshops, keynotes and Retreats.


What you can expect from working with Donna:


Before Donna even gets in front of the room, she understands that her 1st audience is with YOU and your team. As she partners with you to make this event a resounding success, she will bring that same enthusiasm, warmth and professionalism to every meeting so that working with her will be a breeze.


She listens with deep curiosity to your vision and seeks to understand why this event is significant for your organization so she can work hard to accommodate your needs. She is relentless in her desire to deliver excellence and will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your vision comes ALIVE.


She builds trust and authority through using evidence based research in positive psychology, mindfulness and coaching so your audience can remain engaged, inspired and entertained.


Donna creates an environment that is not only deeply inspirational and motivating, but she also uses her background in Improv to help the audience lighten up and have fun. She creates the perfect balance of Joy and learning.


Donna has the ability to breakdown complicated ideas into bite size morsels so audiences can relate and be inspired to make actionable change. She stirs up hope and possibilities leaving the attendees empowered to believe they can truly accomplish their goals.


Through tailoring her message to the specific challenges of your audience and opportunities for growth that they are seeking, it’s not unusual for them to experience “aha” moment after “aha” moment that will have an impact on them long after the event has ended.

“As a researcher, behavior change psychologist and one of the co-leads  on the 100 Million Healthier Lives Initiatives, I’ve had the honor of working with Donna to co-create workshops and wellness programs for groups.  I’ve recommended her to lead workshops and facilitate health and wellness seminars.   Donna helps her audience see the extraordinary in the ordinary and opens them up to new possibilities.  She presents from a place of authenticity and uses her platform to help others heal.  Her generosity of spirit and optimism is contagious. She explores difficult topics with openness and honesty.  Donna’s high energy mixed with  over 20 years of experience immediately set others at ease and this allows her to forge genuine connections with her audience to achieve their goals.  Donna is a true “health warrior”  ~ Lena Hatchett, PhD

More of what clients had to say ...

“When my employer at North Central College started planning its annual health and wellness week I immediately reached out to Donna. We offered programs in an array of health topics and one would be hard pressed to think of a topic that we did not cover in the week long programming. To say Donna’s workshop was well received would be an understatement. In our analysis of the event, we sent surveys to all faculty and staff members who participated. Most of the respondents listed Donna’s workshop as the  highlight of the week.  They were impressed with her excellent presentation skills, engaging topics, participatory demonstrations and her overall enthusiasm and knowledge of health and wellness issues. “ ~ Lisa Pettaway, Director of Annual Fund, North Central College




“I served as Coordinator of Student Support Services at Elgin Community College and one of my responsibilities was to create and implement programs to support students in their academic success.  Because we believe that the health of our students is critical to their success we searched for a dynamic speaker who could engage our audience quickly and motivate them to adapt a healthy lifestyle.  Ms. Carmichael enthusiastically agreed to do the workshop.  She was given full autonomy and planned the entire event  with very little input from me.  She was prepared, enthusiastic and poised.  Moreover, her topics were captivating and educational.  As such, the workshop exceeded my goals and expectations.  Her pleasant and friendly demeanor easily won over the trust and respect of the attendees.  It was clear that she knew what she was talking about and she communicated those ideas with clarity and conviction.  Based upon the feedback we received, the workshop was an enormous success.  She had everyone believing that they could successfully improve their quality of life.  ~Kijuana Boulrece,MBA,MS –  Coordinator of Student Support Services, Elgin Community College.



Donna enjoys working with planning coordinators to customize her program and message within the scope of the event and desired outcomes. Please complete the form below if you’re interested in scheduling an event.